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Perhaps, Redditor shvasirons argues , they also supplied the suspicious car key that was later found by the Manitowoc officer in Averys bedroom. Theory #2: A different suspicious man was involved from a neighboring town. NetflixCould a stranger have murdered Teresa Halbach? While Reddit may be new to the case of Steve Avery, a man who goes by the name Brian McCorkle has been blogging about it since 2006 on his website Convoluted Brian . One of his alternative theories involves a woman who moved to the neighboring town of Maribel, Wisconsin, and whose husband was acting extremely suspiciously during the week the crime was likely committed. McCorkle describesthe incident in a post, which you can read in itsentirety here . Herefers to thewoman as the citizen and her husbandas the German" while describing bizarre instances like finding "fresh" bones on the property, a mason's hammer with "visible dark red flecks," and a woman's clothes in the closet. When she contacted the police about the clothing, she wasn't taken seriously. Via McCorkle: One night she noted a second floor balcony door was open.