They join 10 other companies selected for IN [2 ] in prior rounds, bringing the total to 20 early stage companies now participating in the highly selective program. In addition to receiving non-dilutive funding from the Wells Fargo Foundation, IN [2] participants receive financial and technical consultation from a network of experts, as well as research and testing support at NREL s world-class facility in Golden, Colo. Clean-tech startups participating in IN [2] will have their technologies validated at NRELs facilities, and many will follow the lab validation with beta testing at select Wells Fargo locations. The real-world beta testing is a signature component of the IN [2] program and an important validation exercise for startups to learn how their technologies will perform and integrate with other systems. As an organization managing nearly 100 million square feet of real estate, we know that efficiency matters, and we are pleased that our efforts to build and foster an ecosystem that accelerates the commercialization of clean technologies for commercial buildings is bearing fruit, said Ashley Grosh, vice president and IN [2] co-lead for Wells Fargo. Companies from rounds one and two have achieved significant milestones on their way to the commercial marketplace.

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